12 Upcoming TV Shows You Won't Believe Are Happening

An MCU 1950s sitcom about a witch and a robot? WHAT?!

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Pitch meetings are clearly a strange thing. They depend on a strong initial idea, a means to market something and the general mood of the person you're pitching to. If they're in a bad mood, you're toast, but catch executives in accommodating mood and you can probably squeeze through some seriously strange pitches.

Strange doesn't necessarily mean bad, of course. Who would have expected to see anyone get a Marvel Zombies pitch into production (even as part of the Disney+ What If...? show)? And the amount of detective stories with a twist that have actually proved to be entertaining despite everything is quite remarkable. So there's clearly some room for gambling on weirder properties.

For some upcoming shows, you might still wonder how they got past the pitch meetings...

12. Space Force

Space Force Netflix

Given how readily film studios make movies out of things as innocuous as creepypastas and boardgames and Play Dough (seriously), it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that they'd also be happy to make entire TV shows based on the mad Twitter ramblings of... checks notes... the President of the United States of America. Oh.

Well, life's a strange one, isn't it?

Netflix are currently in the process of making a Space Force workplace comedy starring Steve Carell - who knows a thing or two about workplace comedies of course - following a unit tasked with defending satellites from outerspace threats. As this will likely be our actual real world future in the next few years if Mr Trump is re-elected, it's probably not a good sign for him that one of his most notorious policies is going to be spoofed before it's even come to fruition.

Still, at least we'll get a few yucks out of it, as it's reuniting Carell with the US version of The Office creator Greg Daniels.

11. The Goop Lab With Gwyneth Paltrow

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As well as being famous for marrying Tony Stark in the MCU, enticing Shakespeare into love and last playing a great non-MCU role in 2003's Sylvia, Gwyneth Paltrow's personal life has been a source of no end of column inches. She is, for want of a better word, eccentric. Which is another way of saying she advocates steaming your vagina. Or popping jade eggs in there.

Her Goop brand - which is a very good brand name for something to do with steamed genitalia - is a natural health and lifestyle brand at the forefront of "disruptive thinking" fond of slogans such as banning all white foods, wearing stickers that "re-balance the energy frequency in our bodies" and vaginal weight lifting.

And now, on the back of a successful podcast, it's going to be a Netflix show of 30-minute episodes. Expect to be horrified, intrigued and enthralled in equal measure.

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