12 Worst TV Shows Of 2018

Let's just pretend Heathers never happened.

Heathers 2018
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The Golden Age of TV continues to reign supreme with 2018 proving to be another banner year for the medium, as evidenced by the acclaimed likes of Barry, Atlanta, The Handmaid's Tale, GLOW, Homecoming, Sharp Objects, Narcos: Mexico and many, many more.

But of course, not all shows can be awards-worthy smash hits, though in the case of these 12 series from 2018, each failed to deliver even the bare minimum entertainment value audiences reasonably expected.

From trainwreck finales to once-beloved shows to howlingly tone-deaf new streaming series and a ton of uninspired sitcom dreck in-between, these are the 12 series you hopefully skipped out on over the last 12 months.

With there being more quality TV shows on offer than ever before - and keeping up with them is basically already a full-time job - there simply aren't enough hours in a day to also entertain these disastrous series, which range from painfully bad to very nearly unwatchable...

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