13 "Offensive" TV Episodes That Embarrassed Their Creators

11. "Buffalo Gals" - Cow & Chicken

Cow And Chicken Buffalo Gals
Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network's deliriously surreal animated comedy had a run-in with the censors following the single original airing of the episode "Buffalo Gals" on February 20, 1998.

The titular gals are a group of bikers who are depicted to resemble most of the lazy stereotypes associated with lesbians at the time, namely having a "butch" appearance and playing softball (with dialogue talking extensively about "pitching" and "catching").

Furthermore, blatant references are made to their penchant for munching carpets - one of them is even named "Munch Kelly" - and their total disinterest in men. Naturally this didn't go down well with easily-offended parents, who complained, prompting the network to pull the episode and never air it again.

Presumably because Hanna-Barbera are still red-faced about the episode, Buffalo Gals sadly wasn't even made available to fans during its recent Netflix run. Thankfully, though, there are some easy-to-find bootleg versions floating around online.


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