13 Actors Who Almost Died Filming Major TV Shows

TV actors have it easy right? Regular work, high-profile jobs... Think again.

Jack Dies Lost

Though they are often criticised for hyperbolic exaggeration of how difficult their job is, actors put themselves in danger more than you might think: 2013 saw an uncharacteristically high number of accidents on movie sets that almost killed actors, and there has been a long and storied history of similar incidences where Famous Movie Scenes Almost Killed Stars. There is also a similar precedent set in TV shows, where the comparatively low production costs can mean there isn't the budget for stunt coordinators and such rigorous safety checks, and where even more accidents can - and plainly do - happen.

Whether it is actors taking their method too far, or simple mistakes with set equipment, or the cruel hand of fate simply messing things up for kicks, there have been a number of very high-profile TV actors who have almost lost their lives in the name of their art. And it isn't just TV shows that almost led to a premature meeting at the Pearly Gates - in 1984, Michael Jackson infamously suffered the ignominy of his hair setting on fire during the filming of a commercial for Pepsi, causing second degree burns, and allegedly causing his drug problems that ultimately killed him.

So what of the almost fatal shows themselves?


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