13 Most WTF TV Moments Of 2018 (So Far)

Jaws were dropped.

Luke Cage WTF

2018 has given TV viewers a ton of uproarious, hilarious and wildly entertaining moments, but it has also served up scenes so strange, so insanely unexpected and so unpleasant that they've left everyone in stunned amazement at what they just saw.

These 13 moments from the first half of 2018 represent TV at its most peculiar, brutal, unexpectedly hilarious and downright shocking, where you probably mouthed, "What the f***!?" out loud and promptly re-watched the madness that just unfolded before your eyes.

Whether embarrassingly off-kilter moments in formerly fantastic TV shows or boundary-pushing scenes in brilliantly provocative new programs, these are the moments that, for better or for worse, have true staying power.

Though the year's only barely half-way done, don't be surprised if many of these 13 moments still rank highly when 2018 is all said and done.

But before we get started, of course, here's a SPOILER WARNING, because we're about to dive deep into some of the year's biggest and best TV shows to date...


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