13 New TV Characters We Can't Wait To Meet In 2018

Looking Sharp, Amy Adams.

Sharp Objects Amy Adams

We're only a few weeks in, but 2018 is already shaping up to be an excellent year for TV. The Good Place has returned and reaffirmed its status as the best sitcom currently on television, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continues to soar to new heights, and newcomers like Black Lightning and The Assassination of Gianni Versace have shown plenty of early promise.

Both of those have already introduced some enthralling new characters, like Cress Williams' titular crimefighter or Darren Criss' take on serial killer Andrew Cunanan. These follow in the footsteps of some of the great new characters brought to life last year, like American Gods' Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane), GLOW's Ruth/Zoya the Destroyer (Alison Brie), and The Handmaid's Tale's Offred (Elisabeth Moss).

They'll be back on our screens later this year, but there are a lot of new characters joining their ranks as well. With a range of exciting new shows and returning favourites coming back with additions to the cast, there's a host of potentially brilliant fresh characters, from new creations to adaptations, with a range of emerging talent and acting vets behind them.

13. Robin - Titans

Titans Robin WB 2018
Warner Bros.

DC are launching their own streaming service this year, with a live-action version of Teen Titans as its centrepiece (along with a new season of the animated Young Justice).

Given how popular the animated series was there's a lot of excitement for this, and in terms of characters the bulk of the hype is centred around the boy wonder himself, Robin. And not just any iteration of the character, but the best version, Dick Grayson.

It's unclear what trajectory his arc will go on, but seeing Grayson in a live-action setting as the leader of the Titans, in an effort to move out of Batman's shadow no less, is an exciting prospect.


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