13 Reasons Why Quiz: How Closely Were You Watching Season 3?

Can you solve the mystery of Bryce Walker's death? Take the quiz and find out.

13 reasons why

The third season of 13 Reasons Why has finally arrived on Netflix.

Shocked at the unexpected death of Bryce Walker, the students of Liberty High are forced to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of the one character who had hurt all of them more times than they cared to count.

However, for protagonist Clay Jensen, it's about so much more than that as his volatile history with Bryce leads to him being named a person of interest in the Evergreen County Sheriff's ongoing investigation and, as a result, he must play teen sleuth in order to clear his own name.

In Season 3, long-time friendships were tested (while new ones were formed) and stands were taken in an attempt to ensure that the patriarchal school system that encouraged monsters like Bryce fell for good.

Like previous seasons, the show focused heavily on the personal issues that these characters faced, but this time, it reinvented itself to become more of a thrilling whodunit.

That said, just how closely were you paying attention to everything that went down? Can you solve the murder of Bryce Walker, or will this quiz end up hindering your investigation altogether? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. Who Killed Bryce Walker?


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