13 Upcoming Netflix Original Shows To Be Excited About

13. Narcos

Seeing Netflix delving into the criminal underworld, Narcos will be a 10-part series giving a fictionalised version of the life of infamous drug lord Pablo Escabar.

Known as The King of Cocaine, Escobar is regarded as being the richest criminal in history, as he and his cartel were reportedly bringing in around $60m per day. Narcos will focus on that, and also the law enforcement€™s efforts to stop them.

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is the man tasked with playing Escobar, but the most exciting part of the cast is the name Pedro Pascal, better known to many as the Red Viper himself, Prince Oberyn Martell.

Given the source material, there is a lot the show should be able to explore and create a lot of drama, action and suspense. This is one new show not to be sniffed at.


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