14 Breathtaking Anime Fight Scenes You Must Watch Before You Die

This isn't Looney Tunes violence kids...

Dragon Ball Z Trunk Frieza Battle
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There's something about an impressive action sequence that just appeals to the human brain. The wow factor that comes with seeing a huge building get decimated brick-by-brick, or watching an almost superhuman like person perform moves with their body that you'd only see in a video game is something many people love to see. However, in real life, there are limitations to what can be seriously achieved.

Whether because of the budget, the scope of action scene or the the sheer fact that someone's life could be at risk, some stunts are just deemed too risky. However, when it comes to anime, the scope for extra creativity in destruction as their mind will allow them to means that when there's a scene where swords are clashing, guns are shooting and blood is spurting from the bodies hitting the ground it usually looks incredibly badass.

With so many anime options out there, it'd be incredibly difficult to get the most juicy parts first, which is why we've come up with a list of some of the most jaw dropping, violent and exceptionally bloody fights ever drawn in the medium.

Be warned: there will be SPOILERS and there will be a lot of BLOOD.

14. Dragonball Z (Trunks vs. Frieza)


The battle between Future Trunks and a re-formed Frieza and his father King Cold marks the beginning of arguably the best Dragonball Z sagas of all, The Android/Cell Saga. After Frieza makes his presence known on the earth as the Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo and co. go to confront him and a mysterious grey haired teenager tackles the alien villians head on before they can get there.

What happens next is a quick battle that ushers in the next saga perfectly. Frieza was built up to be this incredibly strong and damn near indestructible villain during the Frieza saga, and for him to be killed off so easily by this newcomer really showed fans that the show was going to raise the stakes - and the power levels for that matter - significantly during this saga.


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