15 Best Animated TV Moments Of 2018

Old classics, rising stars, kings of the castle, and newcomers all had great moments in 2018.


2018 was a fabulous year for animation. Although last year’s Emmy winner for animation (Rick & Morty) had no new episodes in 2018, there were still bucketloads of cartoons on offer for viewers. Whether it be old juggernauts still chugging along, shows reinventing themselves, new debuts, or years of loose plot strands being all tied up, this year had something for everyone. As long as they like cartoons, that is.

While the threat of nuclear annihilation has sometimes felt dangerously close this year, we’ve all still been able to forget our troubles with television. Netflix’s ever-increasing popularity has led to some amazing original programming, with BoJack Horseman a huge contender for the best show they’ve ever put out. And as Disney+ is coming soon, even more cartoon hits could be on our screens next year. Considering the former giants of the genre may soon be facing their death knell, up and coming animated shows could have some huge shoes to fill.

Either because they were hilarious, impacted the show’s mythology, took brave risks (or in some cases, all three), these are the best cartoon entertainment had to offer this year.


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