15 Best British TV Shows Of The Decade

As the 2010s come to an end, here's the best of the best from a decade of UK TV.


British TV has had a superb decade, with much of the most prestigious telly now coming from these shores. Where previously the UK may have been synonymous with period dramas and the odd dry half hour comedy, British creators can now turn their hand to all manner of genres, and they do them as well as anyone.

From far out sci fi to heartfelt romance, we’ve got all the bases covered, and UK TV has reestablished itself as some of the best in the world. Whereas our actors once flocked to America, mastering, say, a Baltimore accent for the top jobs, performers from the US are now watching us. They pay the big bucks to bring our TV across the pond, and queue up for roles in our top shows.

A great time to be working in British TV, then - but among all this quality, which shows stand out the most? This is a celebration of a decade’s outstanding telly, but as ever, not all series are created equally. Which show was the best of a truly great bunch? Let’s find out.

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