15 Best Ginger Characters In TV

Let's give the redheads some time in the sun - not for too long though, don't want to get burnt.


It's essential when creating a TV show to make sure that your characters are relatable and easy for the audience to identify with, as doing so can help them to become more engrossed into the the series. This is important as an audience member needs to be able to believe that these characters could exist in the real world, to further their immersion into the show's universe.

Because of this, it is not difficult to see why there may be so few ginger characters on TV. People with red hair make up roughly 1% of the population, and since there are so few ginger people in the world itself, it seems fitting that TV shows wouldn't have an abundance of them.

Despite this, we have known some wonderful characters who bare the red hair in both live-action and cartoon form. Many of these individuals went on to become iconic, which can be attributed in no small part down to the fact that since ginger hair is not as common, it stands out amongst the crowd.

Since WhatCulture itself has plenty of orange-haired contributors, it's time that we talk about TV's ginger icons.

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