15 Best TV Episodes Of 2015

Because you can never watch just the one episode.

The way we consume TV has changed, something more evident in 2015 than ever before. Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, and the popularity of box-sets on the likes of Sky (or just good ol' fashioned DVDs), people watch what they want when they want, rather than enjoying one episode per week. This binge-watching means that, in a lot of cases, you might remember standout moments, or judge how well a run of episodes work (as well as the season as a whole, of course), but often single episodes can blend into one. That means that the ones that do stay in your head, regardless of how and when you watched it, must have something pretty special. Whether they're packed with action, have some big dramatic moments, make you laugh 'til you cry, or just cry in general, with some superb acting, writing, and direction, these are the best episodes of another great year for TV. Be warned, there will be spoilers.

15. Orange Is The New Black - Trust No B*tch

I have a birthmark on my left butt cheek that's shaped like a scarab. Doesn't make me Cleopatra. Orange Is The New Black's third season wasn't quite as well received as the first two, which is a reflection of the fact that it was a bit of a mixed bag. With so many characters and storylines to juggle, plus it doesn't really know whether it's a drama with comedy or the other way around, it is fair to say it was an uneven season. However, it was still a very entertaining one, and that all came to a head in the season finale, Trust No B*tch. It did a great job of tying up some loose strings, while also setting things in place for Season 4. Alex is left in a perilous position, alone with one of Kubra's guards, and it's a long wait to find out whether or not she survived. Piper's arc of this season, a transformation into Litchfield's own Walter White, climaxed with her giving herself a tattoo, and ensuring Ruby Rose's Stella was forced to remain behind bars. Morello, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, for love or simply to use her new husband for revenge, gets married. However, the standout moment of the episode and the season comes when the prisoners make their bid for freedom; into a lake, at least. This again concludes various arcs - Suzanne and Maureen's friendship, Black Cindy's conversion to Judaism - and offers a wonderful, fleeting moment of hope for the inmates, before they head back to find a lot of new beds, all of which will have some interesting occupants.

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