15 Best TV Shows Of The Last 25 Years

game-of-thrones-poster-0 This is my ultimate list, filled mainly with fan favorites from the very recent (Game of Thrones) to way back in the day (Fresh Prince). If you by any chance have not had a chance to try one of these, I hope I will be persuasive enough to make you do it. It's interesting how TV is considered a lower form of entertainment, yet the past decade has brought us so many spectacular examples of just how valuable and unique the TV experience is. After all, it allows you to watch it alone or with others in the comfort of your own home, and because it a series, you can spend years of your life truly investing in these fictional characters. Now don't get me wrong, movies are everything to me, but it is such a joy to recognise that these examples below are no less effective - sometimes even more so - than paying $15 and sitting in front of a giant screen with annoying kids behind you. And best of all? You can watch anything you want, and eat anything you want, all under a warm comforter on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! Please Note: These picks aren't in any order.

15. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987€“1994)

Jean Luc Picard Set in the 24th century and decades after the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise, this new series is the long-awaited successor to the original Star Trek. Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the all-new Enterprise NCC 1701-D travels out to distant planets to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before. Anyone who knows me well knows I pass hours watching these episodes, repeatedly. Mostly because of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner (Picard and Data), but this series is so much more. Everyone is polite to each other, they have food replicators, and they all seem to genuinely like and appreciate one another. The show talks about philosophical matters, environmental issues, social problems and what humanity could be, in theory. What's unusual to me, is that even these days I love it so much, as with most of these shows below. Another funny truth about the show is that other than the 2 actors I mentioned above €“ every one else is really bad. They really suck. Riker gets mad in every situation and tilts his head like a weirdo. Troi, though stunning, is extremely dramatic. Worf is very upset most of the time, but I like that he's not too bright. The list goes on. Also, I almost forgot to mention one of the best reoccurring characters in TV - Q. The actor, John Delancie, has so much fun that you wish there were more episodes. He's so charming you forgive anything he does, even if he gets some of the crew members killed on occasion. I love these characters and fantasise about living in their world, where almost all diseases are curable, and everyone says please and thank you. And Patrick Stewart is my boss.

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