15 Family Guy Quotes To Use In Everyday Life


Family Guy hit our television screens in 1999 and although at a glance it may have looked like nothing more than a Simpsons rip-off, it found its feet and, more importantly, its audience with its off-brand, adult and, for lack of a better word, random humour. The show may not hold its own against the likes of Matt Groening's animated creations in terms of pure storytelling or plot, but its devotion to delivering laughs has been relentless since its inception and and with that has come a lot of great comedy. Family Guy actually has a lot in common with a lot of the most popular stand-up comedy. What it is best at is observational humour; making fun of popular phenomena, celebrities and the things that make us human. It is Seth MacFarlane's (and his writers) unique take on the world delivered through the mouths of cartoon characters (which, in most cases, he actually voices himself) and when it's good, it really is gold. Because of the show's adoration for the cutaway gag, anything goes in any given episode, provided its funny. This allows the writers to throw in, more or less, whatever gags they want and it'll fit. It might not be the most organic form of storytelling, but it can be damn-well funny. Thus, Family Guy is the kind of show that is incredibly quotable because most of the best gags don't require to be re-told with any sort of context. They are one-liners at its best, many of which are very relevant to our daily lives. Here are 15 of the very best to use in everyday life.

15. "I've Got An Idea. An Idea So Smart My Head Would Explode If I Even Began To Know What I Was Talking About." - Peter

Episode: Lethal Weapons (3x07) The New-Yorkers come to Quahog to see the foliage and Peter hatches what he believes to be an ingenious plan to get rid of them. When to use it: When a crazy idea hits you and you set yourself up before pitching it.
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