15 Great Sci-Fi Shows (Nobody Ever Talks About)

Rift Trippers! Electric Dreamers! Day Breakers! Science Perverters! Tommyknockers!

Sci-Fi Channel

Look, we all love trying to work out the twists and turns of Westworld, we all adore revisiting Futurama whenever there’s a re-run on, and we all love arguing about why anyone still loves Lost. But as with any other genre on television, there are some shows which never seem to get the love they’re owed when we’re busy spotlighting more popular and well-known sci-fi series.

These may not be the big budget blockbuster hits—in some cases they’re actually underrated flops which were all but swept under the rug when they failed to draw huge viewership numbers early in their brief televisual tenure. In other cases these shows were only ever low budget diversions which never reached the large audience they deserved, but regardless of their origins each of these shows, they all—comedy, anthology, and horror hybrids alike—have one thing in common: these series are worth revisiting despite the fact that no one ever seems to remember them.

So we’re here to change that with a massive list of fifteen great shows no one ever talks about.


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