15 Greatest Comic Book Cartoons Of All Time

Some of these are still regarded as the defining version of the character, across any medium from the past two decades.

Over the years, comic book cartoons have populated television networks with wonderful imagery and storytelling. Maintaining styles that are visually similar to their literary counterparts, these cartoons have gone on to receive awards and multitudes of fans, all thanks to their clear sophistication. To celebrate the medium, here is a list of the 15 greatest comic book cartoons of all time. Whilst there has been a few stinkers in the history of these adaptations, there's still a wide variety of cartoons that are remembered for their many achievements.

15. Young Justice

Unforgivably cancelled after its second season, Young Justice had a fantastic animation style, and it boasted some superb storytelling. It focused on a team of young protégés who were determined to establish themselves as superheroes, whilst they dealt with the turmoil of teenage life. The cartoon was created by Brandom Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-man), and even though it wasn't necessarily a straight adaptation of a specific DC comic book, it still included characters such as Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash. Young Justice displayed a great range of diversity with its characters, as each one sported a unique power and personality. Along with the typical superhero archetypes, viewers were introduced to characters like the unique Aqualad, Miss Martin and Artemis. Sure, the concept behind the show was simple, but it was very effective. Young Justice is lauded for its original ideas and almost flawless animation, and its real shame it was replaced with Teen Titans Go! and the gravely disappointing Beware the Batman. The show exhibited some great teenage drama, and it had plenty of in-jokes made specifically for DC fans. To make it even worse though, Young Justice ended with a Darkseid tease, which will never come to fruition. Hopefully the cartoon will return in some form for the near future, as it's almost criminal to see such great incarnations left behind.
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