15 Important Life Lessons We Learned From South Park

'You know, I learnt something today...'

We all watched South Park at, more than likely, way too young an age. We learnt things that we probably shouldn't even know about today, with Matt and Trey daring to bring every taboo possible to surface. This said, South Park is also loaded with moral lessons. Whether it's about how we treat other countries, homosexuals, the disabled... even relationship advice from Satan... there's plenty of epic lessons amongst the filth. So repeat after me a minute before the credits roll: "I learned something today..."

15. Being Independent For A While Is Good

We all got immersed into relationships in our teens, whether clinging tightly onto one or torn between two. South Park teaches the lesson of learning to be happy independent of relationships in a very unconventional way - through the love life of Satan. In the two-parter episodes, Do The Handicapped Go To Hell and Probably, they continue the romances of their double six-packed Satan from the movie's storyline. On one hand he has Chris, the sensitive and thoughtful companion and on the other hand he has Saddam Hussein, the forceful sex machine who really gets him off. They represent two extremes that many of us may encounter, but Satan decides that neither of them is the answer and it's time to learn to love himself, at least for a little while.
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