15 Most Disturbing Black Mirror Moments

Human or A.I., Black Mirror doesn't end well for anyone. 


The latest three-episode season of Black Mirror didn't really have any disturbing moments which, believe it or not, was to the show's credit. It proved that Charlie Brooker's near-future universe of humanity's jagged matrimony with technology was not fully dependent on shock twists and grizzly down-tempo finales. A little validation that Black Mirror was more than that was a good play, and satisfying for the fans.

But that was only so refreshing because Black Mirror has dished out its fair share of horrible moments over the years, from the instant shockers to the memorably chilling. In the show's earlier years, it was a staple rite of passage for the characters to meet the most catastrophic resolve possible. And so, on the whole, the show made for some super-grim viewing.

So why not, just to put a dampener on your day, chronicle Black Mirror's most remarkable and imaginative horrifying moments? An eclectic mix of foreboding, apocalyptic, and down-right nasty, this list is devoid of any happiness and hope. It will leave you with one, single resounding statement: 'I'm glad that isn't me.'


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