15 Most Disturbing Black Mirror Moments

Human or A.I., Black Mirror doesn't end well for anyone. 

Black Mirror Season 4 Andrea Riseborough

The latest three-episode season of Black Mirror didn't really have any disturbing moments which, believe it or not, was to the show's credit. It proved that Charlie Brooker's near-future universe of humanity's jagged matrimony with technology was not fully dependent on shock twists and grizzly down-tempo finales. A little validation that Black Mirror was more than that was a good play, and satisfying for the fans.

But that was only so refreshing because Black Mirror has dished out its fair share of horrible moments over the years, from the instant shockers to the memorably chilling. In the show's earlier years, it was a staple rite of passage for the characters to meet the most catastrophic resolve possible. And so, on the whole, the show made for some super-grim viewing.

So why not, just to put a dampener on your day, chronicle Black Mirror's most remarkable and imaginative horrifying moments? An eclectic mix of foreboding, apocalyptic, and down-right nasty, this list is devoid of any happiness and hope. It will leave you with one, single resounding statement: 'I'm glad that isn't me.'


15. Ash Goes Into Storage

Black Mirror Season 4 Andrea Riseborough
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Be Right Back had subtle yet disturbing implications, as it dealt with the prospect of bereavement in vintage Black Mirror style.

Martha attempts to fill in the void of boyfriend Ash's untimely death by investing in a robot facsimile of him, with his personality traits based solely on his real-life counterpart's past social media posts. It's fairly easy to imagine where it goes from here. Robot Ash looks and feels like the real deal, but only up to a certain point. He's more of a deadpan knock-off, lacking in any real soul found in the original.

Because of her choice, Martha is unable to move on from the death of her boyfriend in any tangible sense, nor is she able to dispose of the docile, mind-numbly obedient clone. She is left only to store him in the attic of her house, much like an old photograph they both made reference to at the beginning of the episode.

Her attempt at recapturing the past instead turns into an itch she cannot scratch, and makes for a frustrating and highly unsettling problem during her future years.

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