15 Most Disturbing Black Mirror Moments

7. Mia Goes Too Far

Black Mirror Season 4 Andrea Riseborough

This is one particular episode that gets progressively grizzlier by each minute. It begins with a hit-and-run cover-up, but steadily spirals out of hand. Covering up her crime, Mia goes on to enjoy a successful happy life - until the the hapless Shazia, whose only intent was to investigate insurance, crosser her path.

On realising that Shazia is utilizing memory recall technology, an asset for insurance investigations, and might uncover the crime hiding in her history, Mia continues to kill people who could stumble upon the truth of the memory recall.

You'd think her murderous acts were depraved enough after offing Shazia, but seeing as the tech works on everyone, young or old, Mia's realises that in taking out Shazia, she's created another witness: an infant child who saw the whole thing.

Mia does the unthinkable, but is not beyond a sense of guilt, as seen during her tearful attendance of her own child's school play after literally killing a child.

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