15 Most Hotly Anticipated New TV Shows Still To Come In 2016

There's still a lot to look forward to.

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2016 has already been another great entry into the annals of Peak TV. We've had the huge epics, like Game of Thrones, the dark and grounded superhero series, and a surprisingly excellent nostalgia-fest. It's given us a number of weird and wonderful TV shows, across all the major networks, cable channels, and streaming services, and some truly memorable moments.

While some of those shows may still be standing as the best of the year come its end, there's plenty of competition to come in 2016. We may be over halfway through the year, but TV has plenty to offer. Even just with returning series, you've got the likes of Transparent and Black Mirror (albeit now on Netflix rather than Channel 4) on their way.

However, this list will be focused on the new shows that are yet to arrive this year, but should be sometime between now and December. There's a risk with a new series, and especially with so many network shows debuting during the fall it can feel like an overload as it gets towards that time of year, so it's easy to stick with old favourites.

That would be missing out on a lot of exciting new shows though, and these are the ones that - while they could conceivably fail - should be rather big hits.

15. Designated Survivor (ABC)

The Crown Zorn Cage Grand Tour Pope

This was one of the consensus picks for being among the most promising new fall series unveiled during Upfronts back in May, and with good reason. The trailer was pretty exciting, and it features Kiefer Sutherland finally landing the role he was clearly born to play: President of the United States.

Sutherland will be the titular 'designated survivor', a cabinet member who is taken to a secret, secure location in the event of a disaster befalling the current President. When there's a devastating attack on Washington, Sutherland's Tom Kirkman is the man who suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of being the POTUS, at an incredibly critical time for the country.

The cast is rounded out by the likes of Maggie Q and Kal Penn (those years working for Obama paying off on screen), and it's definitely one of the more exciting network shows on the way this year.

Air Date: September 21


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