15 Most Hotly Anticipated TV Shows Of Summer 2018

Because it's too hot to go outside.

Summer TV Shows 2018

BBQs in the shining sun. Burning sand underneath your feet. Rapidly trying to eat an ice cream before it melts. Lads walking around with their tops off, sh*t tribal tattoos on display and a can of Foster's in hand (maybe that's just the North East of England?). Summer brings with it a lot of joys.

But really, it's too hot and no one actually wants to go outside for that long, so it's the perfect time for sitting indoors, staying nice and cool, and watching some great television.

Summer used to be a barren wasteland in the TV schedules: fall brought the big network shows and spring the prestige, award-winning dramas, while summer was given over to little else apart from sporting events, reality series, and reruns.

Now, though, with fluctuating production timescales and a TV landscape changed by streaming services, it's a major player in the TV market. This year doesn't bring with it any behemoths on the same scale as last summer's Game of Thrones Season 7 or Twin Peaks: The Return, but there's still a hell of a lot to look forward to.


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