15 Most Memorable 1990s Kids Cartoons

11. Johnny Bravo


Series Run: 1997-2004 (67 episodes) Network: Cartoon Network Theme Song Rating: The surf-rock tune outfitted with big brass doesn't do the show justice, but it gets saved when JB tells everyone to do the monkey, 2.5/5. A catchphrase spewing machine, Johnny Bravo the character was dim-witted and chauvinistic, but Johnny Bravo the show was clever enough not to make him the winner. As a concept the show could seem pretty repetitive, Johnny is a man who is extremely confident but he always gets turned down by women. This is essentially the basis for every episode. But it's his characterization (and supporting cast) that make the show immensely entertaining. As far as two-bit Elvis impersonators go, Johnny Bravo doesn't seem to be making much of an effort with his blonde hair and gym-rat bod. But that's the thing about the show, Johnny is constantly trying way too hard to make it seem like he is not making much of an effort. His incessant attempts to woo women are always rebuffed because he is a facade of a human being, all impersonation with no real personality. But you can't blame that on his Momma. Making her more of a brash woman in season two is one of the few times retconning a show has been more successful than its original intent; she is a strong and opinionated woman that just happens to have a dunce of a kid. But man, he's pretty. Consistently trying to prove his manhood by chasing chicks or taking martial arts classes, his failures never fail to satisfy. Featuring top-notch voice talent including Anthony Bennett in the title role, Brenda Vaccaro as Momma, Tom Kenny as Johnny's nerdy friend Carl, and Brian Tochi as Master Hamma (Johnny's martial arts instructor), the actors give the show some needed credibility. With Seth McFarlane as a writer the show often veered into pop-culture parody and reference humor, which was fitting considering the entire Johnny Bravo character is basically a pop-culture reference. The show also featured the direction of Butch Hartman, creator of the fantastic The Fairly Oddparents and had a similar comedic edge. Johnny Bravo was basically a one-joke show, but that one joke was good enough to make it the most popular show on Cartoon Network at the turn of the century.

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