15 Times TV Product Placement Went Too Far

Shoehorned monologues and awful positioning of branded products!

Product placement is when a specific, commercially-available product or service is mentioned within a film, television series, or any other sort of programme. Often designed to be as seamless as possible, it's a technique that's reportedly used by around two-thirds of advertisers. The idea is that audiences become emotionally invested in the shows that they're watching, and when one of their favourite characters begins using a branded product or service, it becomes more desirable to the viewer. When a product is placed within a certain show, an added benefit is being able to target a very specific audience or demographic - there's not much use in trying to sell something to someone that doesn't need or want it. While a lot of product placement can be so subtle that you barely notice it on a conscious level, the results aren't always seamless. Bad product placement is something that can occasionally rear its ugly head, instantly taking the audience out of whatever it is they're watching, and ruining immersion completely. This list takes a look at fifteen examples of when television product placement went seriously wrong. From shoe-horned monologues, to obvious positioning of branded products, each of these entries represent the very worst of television marketing.
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