15 Underrated Sci-Fi TV Shows You Should Be Streaming Now

14. Farscape


Modern-day astronaut John Crichton mistakenly flies through a wormhole and ends up on a living-spaceship populated by a colourful crew of humans and aliens. This is the premise for Farscape, a classic sci-fi show produced by The Jim Henson Company.

Farscape lasted four seasons before being cancelled, on a cliff hanger no less, but luckily a short mini-series was later commissioned to wrap up the story.

The make-up and creature effects are fantastic (as to be expected from such an illustrious creature effects company), as are the sci-fi storylines and often comical interactions between the diverse group of characters.

With all four seasons and The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series now available on Amazon Prime, there's never been a better time to dive in.

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