15 Worst Episodes Of The Simpsons (And What They Represent)

What Lady Gaga's Simpsons episode says about the show's decline...

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The Simpsons has been on the slide for a long, long while. Punching down on it isn’t even fun; it’s agreed by pretty much everyone that it’s a shadow of its former self. There’s too many terrible episodes to even count.

Despite the title, this isn’t so much a definitive worst episodes ever (that’s too subjective anyway) but more a look at fifteen episodes which, more than any other, are emblematic of the downfall.

Not only is it important that these episodes aren’t funny and have terrible narratives (though that’s true across the board), but that they fundamentally represent where, when and why The Simpsons went so wrong.

If you love the characters, go in with low expectations and think of modern episodes as being more of a spin off/reboot of the Golden Era, Season 30 is still watchable, although it does occasionally punch you in the gut for being stupid enough to stick around.

With over 650 episodes, you could easily find 100 stinkers, so there’s a lot of great (or rather, poor) candidates which didn’t make the cut. These though are not only bad episodes, they strike at the very heart of why The Simpsons is a husk of its former self.

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