15 Worst Episodes Of The Simpsons (And What They Represent)

14. Bart Vs Itchy & Scratchy


What It Represents: Lazy social commentary/Lisa the villain.

A bit of a twofer here, as it represents how the once satirically delicious show is now toothless at social commentary, and how Lisa is constantly made to be the villain.

The episode begins with Itchy & Scratchy doing a female led reboot; a relevant idea with potential. Predictably, it’s squandered. It’s impressive how well they misrepresent every viewpoint involved too.

Firstly, it suggests the reason people don’t watch lady reboots is because they think girls are gross (not the case). However, it then tries to paint them (Bart, Milhouse, Nelson) as sexist and misogynistic; they’re ten. They just want to watch their cartoons.

It doesn’t stop there though. The feminists ‘win’ by tear gassing a room full of boys until they cry... hooray? Not only is this not really a goal of any feminist anywhere, it has no links to the lady reboot and perpetuates the toxic idea that boys can’t cry.

Lisa plays an antagonistic role several times in Season 30, often acting way out of character too. Even episodes like Girl On The Bus, where she’s closer to how Lisa used to be, are terrible, bland, and show her as a mean spirited brat.

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