16 Perfect Superhero TV Show Casting Choices That Nailed Their Characters

Say what you will about Gotham, but don't deny there's some truly awesome casting.

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Live action TV shows focusing on comic book characters never used to be the subject of positive discussion. Sure, there was always Smallville, but much like the original Flash series that debuted 20 years ago, most shows were referred to in denigrative terms within geek circles. Often, serials were lampooned for their irreverent, sometimes unconventional methods of story-telling, and derided for their apparent disdain for what many fans saw as the unquestionable sanctity of comic book source material.

Ignoring the fact that, y'know, the '60s Batman show is the best comic book show of all time, said arguments do hold a degree of credibility.

Try as they might, that hasn't stopped the meteoric rise of comics on the small-screen, with some now dominating prime time slots on channels with millions of followers. Contrary to shows gone by, showrunners are now displaying a much-toted reverence for comic book source material.

With said dedication has also come a new style of performance; one that aims to depict their characters in a far more faithful light. This has become increasingly clear as the superhero genre has increased its presence onscreen, with Marvel Studios leading the charge on Netflix. Far from being the only service to hold such quality, actors on the CW, Fox and more have all stepped-up their A-game in recent years. Point being, you don't have to surf far to come across a truly magnificent performance.

Indeed, you don't have to look far to see some truly dynamite casting, and as the cross-medium superhero renaissance continues, the genre's all-out assault on TV may have paid off.

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