18 Problems Only Buffyverse Fans Will Understand

Only those who loved "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" will be able to relate.

Can you believe it's been almost eleven whole years since the Buffyverse was last on television? Season five of Angel ended in May of 2004, while season seven of Buffy The Vampire Slayer finished a year earlier in (making it twelve years since the cheerleader turned kick-ass superheroine herself last appeared). Fans still miss it - big style - as it became a big part of so many lives. The shows had so many relatable characters (in spite of the otherworldly concept) and dealt with so many real social issues that it was hard not to become immersed on a personal level. Consequently, the shows still very much influence the lives of said fans to this day - especially since spin-off media shows no signs of slowing down. Buffyverse fans couldn't shake it off even if they wanted to. With that in mind, any issues that come with being a fan of the Buffyverse still exist today and therefore, if you are one, you should undoubtedly be all too aware of them. This article will take a look at those issues and list them for your enjoyment. So, Scoobies, Fang Gang members and anyone else tagging along, let's get started. Here are eighteen problems only Buffyverse fans will understand...

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