20 Best Family Guy Episodes

Quahog's finest.

The subversive, crude, ironic comedy of Family Guy has taken over the world. With its creator and chief voice actor Seth MacFarlane overseeing 3 TV shows and recently directing the hilarious movie Ted, Family Guy has become a show highly regarded as funnier than its inspiration, The Simpsons. Now 10 seasons in, the show has been on the end of 12 Emmy Primetime Awards nominations, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2009. While the show has arguably dipped in quality in the last couple of series, its best episodes remain absolute laugh riots, showing the best of animated comedy and what it can do. And with a new version of Uptown Funk recorded to channel the unending popularity of the song, it's time to look back at what else the geniuses behind the show have given fans over the years. So now, without further delay, here are the top 20 episodes they have given fans over the years.
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