20 Best TV Shows Of 2019

The decade came to a close on a high, but which shows were the very best of 2019?

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Television is one of those mediums which just never lets you down. Some shows suck, sure, but there’s always more. Less expensive and with more variety with games and movies, television has you covered.

There’s been some notable duds still; Game Of Thrones crashing and burning so spectacularly was hard to watch. For the most part though, there’s been a fantastic offering on the small screen this year.

This list isn’t focussed on new shows, just shows in general which had a new season this year. It’s a general overlook across whatever they had out this year, rather than specific episodes, with that being tackled on a separate list.

The quality and consistency are the biggest factors here, but an unexpected twist, a long awaited return to form or a stunning debut all help their ranking. Likewise, for longer running shows, if a season falls below their high standards, that’s likely to hurt their ranking.

With all that out of the way, there’s so many genres here that there’s bound to be controversy, and so many shows that some might be missed off. That’s what the comments section is for...

20. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend drew to a close this year, after one of the strangest four season runs in television history. The show was consistently renewed after rave reviews, yet had incredibly low viewing figures year in, year out.

A musical comedy with a much more adult edge, it seemed set to gobble up the Glee audience, but they never came. It was meta, referential, and wore the its diversity on its sleeve. Definitely not for everyone, but it seemed tailor made for certain audiences in the 2010s.

It covered everything from depression and relationships to sexuality, loneliness, and the still looming trauma of the Holocaust over the Jewish people.

Gone now and likely to soon be forgotten, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend nonetheless stands as one 2019s best shows, even if no one watched it. We’ll likely not see another show like it again.

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