20 Big Questions About 2017's Most Hotly Anticipated TV Shows

This year should be another great one for TV, but it's also got a lot to answer for.

2017 TV Questions

2017 brings with it many things both horrifying and terribly exciting: a Trump Presidency, the triggering of Article 50, Hamilton finally coming to the UK, Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting cinemas, and a lot of great TV.

2016 was the biggest entry yet in the Peak TV era, with more scripted shows than ever before, and it's only going to continue this year.

We've got returning favourites, from the biggest show in the world to a cult classic not seen in a quarter-of-a-century, and shiny new things, from comic-book dramas to major book adaptations.

With all of this comes excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and a whole lot of questions. Many of these ended their previous season with fans in need of a lot of answers, while the sheer conception of others raises points to ponder and debate.

We may get answers, they may instead raise further mysteries, it could be the wrong thing to ask, or infuriatingly ignored completely. With spoilers, these are the questions about 2017's biggest TV shows we really need answers to.

20. Who Is Prometheus? - Arrow

2017 TV Questions
The CW

Prometheus is the mysterious villain stalking the streets of Star City, intent on getting revenge on Oliver Queen. The masked archer was 'created' by Ollie, a direct result of his actions way back in Season 1, and has spent the time since honing his skills in order to take him down.

He apparently has some connection to Artemis too, after she decided to join his side in the fight against Team Arrow, but the character is still mostly shrouded in mystery.

Theories range from Tommy Merlyn to Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress, or perhaps Yao Fei. It has to be a face we/Oliver would recognise, because otherwise there's little point in building up such a mystery, but as yet there's nothing concrete to go on - and there likely won't be until we enter the final third of the much-improved fifth season.


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