20 Flawless TV Character Arcs

The best character development on the small screen.

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Mutant Enemy

Without great characters, even the best shows will fail. But what exactly makes a good TV character?

Well, there are plenty of factors, but the main one (at least for the purposes of this discussion) has to be their ability to change with the story, growing from the conflict that surrounds them and enriching the drama they're impacting. If a character fails to grow, a series can't sustain itself.

Most of this comes down to the writing, but large amounts of credit should go the actors, who must bring the script to life and find the depth in their characters and how they're being developed by the action that drives the story.

With that in mind, then, from modern classics such as Better Call Saul and beloved fan favourites like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Good Place, here are 20 TV character arcs that are totally, 100% flawless. This article will contain major spoilers for each show mentioned.

20. Tasha "Tasty" Jefferson - Orange Is The New Black

spike buffy

Orange is the New Black was all about growth, as the women it depicted wrestled with the prison system, their pasts and their reputations. Red, Nicky, Crazy Eyes and so many more were granted wonderful and often tragic arcs, but it was Tasty who separated herself from the pack to become the show's most compelling figure.

Introduced as a fierce ball of energy always on-hand to deliver some witty comic relief with best friend Poussey Washington, Tasha Jefferson was always strong and capable, but with Poussey's murder at the hands of an inexperienced guard, she was forced to transform into an activist whilst grief consumed her.

Desperate for change, tired of the racism and corruption that surrounded her, Tasty became a leading figure in season five's riot arc, and given more jail time because of it was finally able to find some slither of peace. It was bleak at times, but Tasty's journey was ultimately one of reliance and hope against the odds.


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