20 Greatest Season Cliffhangers In TV History

The harbingers of unbearable waits.

We have to go back, Kate! I take thee Rachel. For starters, my name isn't Michael Vaughn.
These are the kind of cliffhangers that left audiences' mouths hanging open, desperate for the next season to start. From startling revelations to the supposed death of a main character, the truly great season cliffhangers stays with viewers long after the show has ended. A successful TV cliffhanger has to accomplish a lot. It needs to shock, amaze and leave audiences desperate for the next season. It needs to leave them wondering just how a character - or characters - are going to get out of the situation the episode puts them in. And it needs to leave enough open questions to keep viewers guessing until the show returns; a great cliffhanger can act as an advert itself for the next season, building the anticipation to breaking point. Of course there is a downside too; season cliffhangers have become the norm for so many shows these days. That is good if the show has been renewed, but time and time again audiences have been presented with something so shocking, so mind-blowing, leaving them desperate to find out what happens next, only for the show to be cancelled. There really should be a rule about not doing a cliffhanger unless they know the show is coming back. This article looks at the 20 best cliffhangers of shows that did come back; moments that left audiences desperate for more and thankfully rewarded them.

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