20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Breaking Bad

Did you know there's scenes where Walter Jr. isn't at the breakfast table.


In case the high numbers of people walking around with Heisenberg drawing t-shirts didn't provide a hint, people really love Breaking Bad. Whether you watched it from first airing on AMC back in 2008, caught up on Netflix or binged the whole thing once it was over (good job avoiding spoilers), pretty much everyone agrees it's an unrivalled television experience that, like the meth that drives its storyline, is painfully addictive.

We've been suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal since the show reached its jaw-dropping conlcusion back in 2013. Even though there's lots of other stellar TV to devour, we can't stop thinking about the rise and fall (but mostly fall) of Walter White, hence why today we bring you twenty awesome facts about everyone's favourite Albuquerque-set drug/cancer drama.

20. HBO Rejected It


Even before it finished, Breaking Bad was consistently topping lists of the best TV shows of all time, with the satisfying ending just about confirming it as the series to beat. We can imagine this riles up HBO, the self proclaimed king of TV drama, no end, particularly given that the network behind The Sopranos and The Wire actually passed on the show back at the very start.

Before finding a home at AMC, Vince Gilligan approached TNT and HBO to make the show, with neither seeing its full potential. The former found interest in the idea, but couldn't get on board with the extreme moral ambiguity (missing the point somewhat), while the latter was just totally disinterested. Whoops.


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