20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About How I Met Your Mother

16. Fans Petitioned CBS To Change The Ending

How I Met Your Mother Petition

The endings of long running, highly beloved TV shows always leave themselves open for criticism. The Lost finale, despite delivering on pretty much everything the series had set itself up as, left mystery hounds disappointed and Dexter's sudden lumberjack resolution served as a u-turn on eight seasons of development.

How I Met Your Mother joined these two in the annals of divisive series finales, with an ending that saw the Mother dead and Ted once again go for Robin dividing the fanbase. We quite liked it, providing the right level of emotion and serving as a nice justification for the show's very existence, but others weren't as convinced.

Some were so angry, in fact, that they started a petition to CBS to re-do the whole ending, leaving Barney and Robin together and having everyone live happily ever after. An alternate ending, that removed the two contentious elements, has hopefully somewhat pleased these fans.


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