20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Simpsons

Reminding you just how great Matt Groening’s first baby is.


If it had ended before the turn of the century The Simpsons would have been crowned the Greatest TV Show Of All Time. Sadly with a twenty-fifth season starting at the end of this month it€™s now more deserving of the title Greatest TV Show To Ever Fall So Far Into Mediocrity.

I gave up on the show many years ago, only seeing newer episodes when the only other option is an episode of The Big Bang Theory airing for the third time that day on E4, but still often head back to the best seasons to relive the glory days. Classics like Homer The Clown and Marge Vs. The Monorail make me laugh now just as much as they did when I first saw them growing up (if not more).

It€™s fair to say I still love The Simpsons and with that comes a fascination in how this revolutionary animation (in a Seth MacFarlane saturated world it€™s easy to forget an adult cartoon was an bizarre concept) started out and became the classic it was. So to remind you just how great Matt Groening€™s first baby was, here are twenty facts you probably didn't know about The Simpsons.

20. The Movie Was Meant To Bring Back Scorpio

One thing The Simpsons really has over Family Guy is that it€™s single episode characters are as memorable as the regulars, often to extent where the writers love them so much they come back for more (Sideshow Bob was, of course, meant to be a single episode villain).

One of the best one offs has to be Hank Scorpio, Homer€™s one time boss and full on Bond villain. Voiced by Al Brooks, the hammock lover€™s stuck in the memories of fans because he's just so fricking hilarious; he has his own theme tune and an ingenious sugar storage system, while Homer is completely oblivious to his evil plans.

Scorpio was intended to reappear as the villain for The Simpsons Movie, but was instead switched for the similar (but less zany) Russ Cargill, also voiced by Brooks.


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