20 TV Series On Netflix That Need Binge-Watching

The shows that a guaranteed to have Netflix asking "are you still watching?".

Netflix Binge Watch
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One of the joys of Netflix is also among the biggest woes caused by the streaming service.

From movies to TV shows, comedy specials to documentaries, it has thousands upon thousands of titles available in its library. In theory that's great: an almost endless array of films and series from a wide variety of genres, all instantly available without even needing to get off the sofa or out of bed.

In practice, though, it's typically a different experience. Sure, there are times when you know exactly what you want to watch, but when you're unsure and looking for inspiration that library becomes a labyrinth; an endless maze full of dead ends, you find yourself scrolling through again and again.

Before you know it you've wasted more time looking for something to watch than you'd actually spend watching it, and there's also no time left to view anything if you have somehow managed to make a decision.

Hopefully, that's where this will come in handy. If you haven't seen these TV series, then a lot of them are pretty essential viewing. If you have seen them, they're worth a re-watch. All are available on both Netflix US and UK (at the time of writing), and all are effortlessly bingeable.

20. Star Trek

Netflix Binge Watch

Seasons Available: The Original Series (1-3); Deep Space Nine (1-7); Enterprise (104); The Animated Series (1-2); The Next Generation (1-7); Voyager (1-7);

2016, apart from being an absolute stinker in almost every possible way imaginable, also marked the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The series, now labelled The Original Series, started half a century ago, and it's some feat that the franchise is still going strong in some form today.

Coupled with the fact a new TV series is on its way later this year, now is a perfect time to binge-watch the older stuff - and there's A LOT to choose from. Hundreds of episodes, in fact. Whether you're a seasoned Trekkie or a total newcomer, and want to go all the way through or dip in and out, it's likely to have something of interest.

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