The Flash Season 2: 21 WTF Moments From 'Flash Of Two Worlds'

New heroes and villains, unwelcome returns, and the dulcet tones of Candyman.

The CW's The Flash returned to screens last week and brought with it a great episode that laid the foundations for what could be a very troubling season ahead for Barry Allen's Scarlet Speedster. For this second episode of Season 2, Flash of Two Worlds, we have the comic book Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, stepping out of the shadows to warn Barry of an impending threat and to do his best to assist this world's Flash. That threat, of course, is Zoom; a dark and twisted speedster from an alternative world. With another villain-of-the-week brought in for Barry to tackle in this episode, we were also introduced to a few new faces, saw some problems arise for certain members of the S.T.A.R. Labs team, and were most impressively given our first real look at the 'big bad' who's set to cause havoc for The Flash throughout this season. As such, here's the pick of Flash of Two Worlds' WTF moments that had you in shock, in awe, or that just brought a warm fuzzy feeling to your inner comic book nerd.

21. Jay Garrick, Voyeur?

With Flash of Two Worlds, literally as soon as we open we€™re shown Jay Garrick reeling off the names of all who stand before him. Sure, we the audience know that Jay is one of the good guys, but it€™s a tad creepy to have this stranger arrive on the scene and claim to know everything about Barry, Caitlin, Cisco et al. So let me get this straight, the Golden Age Flash of the comic book realm has spent the past few months essentially stalking each of our familiar faces? Because that€™s not creepy. Not creepy at all.
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