25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About True Blood

Fangs for the memories...

After seven years of murder, intrigue and fang-banging, HBO's True Blood finally ended this week in explosive fashion. Whether you thought the finale was satisfying or not, it's impossible to deny that the show has been consistently entertaining along the way. Many will miss the exploits of Sookie Stackhouse and the other denizens of Bon Temps who were forced to adapt once vampires emerged from the darkness to co-exist with humans. The award-winning show has had more than its fair share of controversial moments, particularly in its depiction of graphic violence and sexuality, but praise has also been given for its racial diversity and portrayal of LGBT characters. Despite some criticism, True Blood has enjoyed consistently high ratings since its debut, becoming one of HBO's most viewed shows since The Sopranos, their most popular program to date. To celebrate seven incredible seasons of True Blood, read on to discover 25 facts you probably didn't know about the show. Now that the program has come to a close, this is your time to shine. Dazzle friends and family alike by sharing how many facts you know, therefore proving that your obsessive knowledge of the show is unrivaled and that you are in fact the world's biggest 'Truebie'. Trust us, there is no greater honour... Just remember that spoilers will inevitably occur here, so if you haven't watched every episode of True Blood yet, follow the vampires example and avoid sunlight while you binge watch every episode leading to the finale.

25. I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

The first thing that hits you when you watch True Blood is the phenomenal title sequence, which won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design back in 2009. The interwoven images of sex, violence and religion are all tied together by the theme song "Bad Things" performed by country artist Jace Everett. The credits sequence is unusually dark for a TV show, exploring themes of redemption and forgiveness in its short running time. Starting in the morning, the credits progresses from morning to night, ending with an eerie baptism in a swampy river. Most fans are already aware that the murky effects and disturbing imagery are reflective of the shows themes, but what is less known is that some of the individual frames were splattered with actual drops of blood during the editing process. As gross as that may be, it's hard to deny the visual impact of literally incorporating blood into the opening credits sequence of a show called True Blood.

24. A Missed Opportunity For Vampire Weekend!

In a masterstroke of creativity/a shortcut for lazy writers, the team behind True Blood named every episode after the title of a song from pop or Christian music. the chosen song is usually played over the closing credits and the title often provides clues as to what will unfold in the story of that particular episode. This can sometimes prove to be a challenge though, as the writers initially chose the episode titles before the music supervisor had confirmed whether the song was actually available for use. Both budget limitations and licensing issues have forced the team to occasionally go back and alter the title of an episode because things haven't gone according to plan. So much for that episode titled 'Oh Sookie'. More on that later...

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