25 Futurama Quotes To Use In Everyday Life

These lines will will still be awesome in a thousand years.

With Futurama, Matt Groening created his second incredible animated television show. People will always compare it to The Simpsons, but really it is its own beast entirely. In the end, comparing the two is rather pointless and takes away from just enjoying them both for the hilarious programmes they are. Futurama's appeal stems largely from its science-fiction elements. Being set in the distant future opens up a whole new way of thinking about jokes, and the writers have a lot of fun with that. At the same time though, what is just as funny about the show is how much of the comedy manages to be timeless. Fry, especially gets some of the show's best lines and often speaks on behalf of the audience as a 1990s man stuck in the 3000s. Futurama is an amazing achievement as a piece of sci-fi and comedy, and its willingness to push the envelope for plot ideas gives the characters plenty of new situations to squeeze some laughs out of. There's a great dynamic between the Planet Express crew, and with that, plus the incredible writing talent, comes so many fantastic lines for everyone to quote. It doesn't matter they won't be uttered for a thousand years, here are 25 of the best for you to use in modern day. Every day!

25. "If, For Any Reason You're Not Satisfied, I Hate You." - Sales Clerk

Episode: War Is The H-Word (2x17) Fry and Bender are in a convenient store and demand a military discount on their chewing gum, but this rude clerk sends them packing. When to use it: When encounter the rudest of rude customers. You know the one.
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