25 Most Critically Acclaimed TV Shows Of All Time

Small screen, big impact.


Cinema is becoming more and more redundant by the day. 

For an industry that is traditionally seen as being the place to go for big-budgets, A-grade actors on tap and deep, compelling stories that only a feature film can do justice, it must be worrying for studio heads the world over when shows like Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead have the same assets, but uses them to far greater effect and for massive audiences. 

However, quality TV has always existed in some form or another. When there's epic stories to be told through documentaries, long-running sitcoms (that provide ongoing entertainment that a film can't possibly match) or narratives that can't be diluted into a few hours of screen time; television is the answer. 

Unlike mankind, not all TV shows are born equal. This list is the best of the best that cinema's little brother has to offer; read on to find out where your favourite show is ranked...

25. Cowboy Bebop

TV Tokyo

IMDb Score: 9.0

Held in high regard by both Eastern and Western audiences, Cowboy Bebop deserves its reputation as a landmark in Japanese animation not least because of its well-handled adult themes and exploration of philosophical themes.

Along with the rest of his eclectic crew of misfits, Spike Speigel is a bounty hunter aboard the Cowboy Bebop set in the future of 2071, and its the characters themselves that act as the anchor for the series' universe.

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