25 Simpsons Quotes To Use In Everyday Life


The Simpsons is quite probably the most quotable piece of pop culture fiction ever. And, for a lot of us, finding ways to fit hilarious lines from the show into real life situations is a regular and important part of life. There are hundreds of great lines to fit just as many situations, and having a library of some of the best ones memorised isn't the worst thing in case the appropriate occasion might arise. It's better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it, and one can only imagine how embarrassing it would be to not deliver a classic Simpsons line when the moment begs for it.

25. "I See You've Played Knifey-Spooney Before" - Australian Guy

Episode: Bart Vs. Australia (6x16) When in an Australian bar, a dodgy-looking Aussie seemingly threatens Bart with a spoon, claiming it to be a knife. Bart corrects him and the man bows down in gracious defeat. When to use it: When you realise that one of your mates is good at something or knows the rules inside out, be it football, poker or knifey-spooney itself.
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