25 TV Shows Ending In 2020

From Arrow to 13 Reasons Why, the end is on the TV horizon...


The turn of the decade will bring forth new beginnings for the collective landscape of television, but for many shows, it merely marks the beginning of the end. Yes, as with each year that came before it, 2020 will witness the conclusions of some of the most beloved shows on TV - and that's before the annual summertime cull during the renewal/cancellation period.

Whether it's down to declining ratings or the fact that they just naturally ran their course, no TV show can go on forever (unless you're The Simpsons, of course), so while it's hard to accept in some cases, most of their impending conclusions at least make sense. That being said, all of them will likely get the chance to bow out on their own accord, ending in the way that they were always meant to - you know, instead of getting abruptly cancelled before they had the chance to.

With that in mind, grab the tissues and prepare yourself as we take a look at some of the shows that will no longer continue after 2020. From vigilantes to vikings, there are a lot of series finales on the horizon...

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