3 Reasons Why The MC Chris Cartoon Needs To Be Picked Up

mc chris cartoonj If you are among the many people today who fancy themselves a geek and/or nerd then you undoubtedly know the name MC Chris. Now on the off chance that his name is unfamiliar to you then your nerd card should be revoked. From his voice work on early Adult Swim cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 to his humorously catchy nerd themed raps MC Chris has certainly earned himself a spot in modern geek culture. With eight studio albums and a legion of loyal fans it is somewhat mind boggling that networks have so quickly passed on the pitch for his cartoon (cleverly named The MC Chris Cartoon). Even Adult Swim with whom the MC has worked on and off with since the programming block€™s debut in 2001 has decided to pass on the project. Surly they have a good reason (most likely temporary insanity). Because anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing MC Chris€™ work, be it voice acting, or song knows a cartoon centered around the Dudgeon Master of Ceremonies would be nothing short of gold. And here are a whopping three reasons to support that claim.

3. Awesomely Good Music

Animated shows are no strangers to elaborate musical numbers. The Simpsons have been doing them for years, South Park went to the big screen in musical style, and hell at times Family Guy seems more like a poorly written animated Broadway musical with fart jokes. However unlike all the above none of them pack the musical punch of MC Chris. After all he is a musician of sorts, a nerdcord artist to be specific. Nerdocre is a subgenre of hip-hop which, you guessed it, focuses on nerd culture. It€™s a niche market sure, but MC Chris has found a home within it. He€™s even got a nice catalogue of musical magic to delight any and everybody. So with a musical background it is fairly safe to assume an MC Chris cartoon would pretty much guarantee at least one musical number per episode. Now if you think that€™s not a solid selling point then your eardrums have not been blessed by the unique high-pitched voice of MC Chris. His geeky rhymes seem to transcend the genres of rap and nerdcore creating a fun one of a kind listening experience. This could only add to the viewing pleasure one would get from his cartoon. This was proven from his first appearance on Aqua Teen Hunger Force where his song €œI want candy€ stole the show. The combination of his unique voice, clever lyrics and the intensity in which he manages to rap is not just a sign of his pure talent; it is a sign of his nature ability to entertain.

Chris Librizzi is a Stand-Up Comedian from Atlantic City NJ. He has three cats, drinks too much coffee and is an avid Macho Man Randy Savage enthusiast. Dig it. (Dictated but not read) Check Chris out on Facebook and get yourself some free good karma