3 Stages Of Karl Pilkington: The Oxy'moron'

3056903165 82670e4d69 O With a new show, 'The Moaning of Life' scheduled to start later this month, I felt the time was right to look back on the journey of Karl Pilkington and the various media in which he has been exposed to us. Some of you may know him from 'An Idiot Abroad' without ever having known of his part in the record breaking podcast, 'The Ricky Gervais Show' and those of you who know him from this may not know of the shows origins on the radio station XFM. Hell, there may be some crazy fools who have never even heard of Karl Pilkington at all. For those of you in that category, there really is only one way to describe him. ''A bald headed Manc tw*t with a head like a f*cking orange." That is often how you will hear Ricky Gervais, award winning comedian and actor, describe his best friend Karl Pilkington. For those of you who know the man, you will surely agree that although physically an apt description, it does not do justice to the indescribable mind that Karl Pilkington possesses. He is both a genius and a buffoon, a philosopher and a cretin, a considerate individual and a callous communicator. What makes him all the more unique is how these traits, as juxtaposed as they are, are displayed seamlessly to the audience in a genuine, heartfelt way. There is no 'act' to Karl Pilkington, no script from which he reads which adds even more occasion to celebrate when he arrives at a conclusion to a point or produces a quote which leaves you bent over in laughter. His is a unique take on the world, communicated in a way that only he could say it but for our unintentional pleasure. An idiot by definition but a genius nonetheless; the absolute oxy'moron'.

London based cynic drifting aimlessly through life who finds Television, Wrestling, Movies and Music to be the only things that distract him from the futility of his own existence. Actually I should specify when I say music I mean proper music, not this modern stuff...its just noise.