30 Greatest TV Sitcoms Of All Time

The shows that rule them all.


Looking around, it might be fair to say that the age of TV has never been stronger. With critically acclaimed dramas coming out as regular as clockwork and streaming services allowing for easy access to hundreds of previously unseen classics, it seems as though we're living through a new golden age of television.

One of TV's most dependable and viewed genres remains the situational comedy. Airing in both the UK, the US and beyond, there seems to be no shortage of sitcoms currently being made or re-run.

Unlike many other TV genres, sitcoms also appear to be growing more popular with every year, whether it's because of new and innovative shows being dropped on Netflix or because of new generations discovering an old classic for the first time.

The following list looks at the greatest sitcoms to ever grace our screens, whether they're still running or long finished. Of course, there are lots more sitcoms out there that didn't make the cut, so rest assured that this is a cover-all-bases kind of list, which focuses on the most successful, popular, influential and unique shows on offer.

So, whether it's a classic animation, a social satire or a genius black comedy, here are the 30 greatest sitcoms of all time.

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