32 WTF Moments From Marvel's Jessica Jones

Sex, violence, language, and some fantastic storytelling!

With Marvel's Netflix-exclusive Jessica Jones having been available for over a week now, eager viewers have had time to take in and digest this dark and sinister corner of the greater MCU. Picking up the baton from this year's Daredevil series, this new show again delivers something special for its audience. As Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter is perfect in her delivery, her mannerisms, and the way she carries just the right of attitude whilst still managing to be sympathetic. Dealing with the ominous threat of Kilgrave, a man capable of mind control, Ritter's Jones embarks on a mission to take down this uber-rogue before he can do more damage to our heroine and the citizens of New York City. Throughout Jessica Jones' thirteen episodes, there are a whole load of WTF moments in this extremely adult-themed show that's engulfed in brutality, sex, strong language, and, of course, nods and winks to the Marvel comic book world. Taking the entire season into account, here's the most shocking and impressive happenings from this excellent piece of television.

32. Setting The Tone

Nearly as soon as the first episode opens, Jessica Jones makes it perfectly clear to its audience that this is not a smiley, friendly, happy-go-lucky, €˜good guys rule the day€™ sort of offering. As Jessica herself says, €œNew York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around.€ Jones says that as we see a passionate romp taking place in a car park. There€™s boobs hanging out, humping against a wall, sex over (and in) a car, and we even get a few cuss words before then glimpsing Jessica making phone calls on the toilet and instantly hitting the spirits. And that€™s all within the first 6 minutes of the series! For those with any doubts, by this point it had been made perfectly clear that Jessica Jones was taking the ball from this year€™s Daredevil show and running with it through the dirty, grimy, scum-filled streets of New York City.

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