38 WTF Moments From Fargo Season 2

"Okay then!"

When the news of a Fargo TV series was first announced there was a huge amount of cynicism from fans of the Coen brothers' classic. Some things are best left untouched - or so the sentiment ran before the series finally aired. For once, the cynicism was ill-founded: Fargo's television incarnation turned out to be a wholly satisfying experience, capturing the absurdity of the film while still managing to feel like its own creation. While True Detective's sophomore season earlier this year failed to rekindle the brilliance of its first run, the same can't be said for season 2 of Fargo. A few fans might have grumbled about the lack of Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo (proving they missed the point about anthology series) but for most it is equal to - if not actually better than - season 1. Aside from the storytelling masterclass and stunning visuals, a large part of its greatness derives from its barrage of truly WTF moments. So what better way to celebrate one of the greatest TV events of 2015 than to take a guided tour through the show's craziest highlights? "Okay then!" (Oh, and spoilers? You betcha!)

38. Massacre #1 - Rye Puts Too Much Pressure On The Judge

Episode 1 of Fargo season 2 pretty much starts as it means to go on, with gangster Rye Gerhardt (Kieran Culkin) heading out to a remote diner so that he can apply a little pressure to a judge on behalf of typewriter salesman Skip. After some rather laughable intimidation tactics the judge tires of his game and sprays him in the face with bug spray. A few moments later and Rye has shot her dead, along with the innocent staff working the late shift.

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