4 Great Things And 4 Abominable Things About The Sherlock Special

3. The Production Values

This episode looks gorgeous. Given that they are working with a TV budget (which whilst big, is nothing compared to some Hollywood outings that the characters have been given) the final product looks wonderful, with sets such as 221B itself being suitably redressed for the period. The costumes of course add to the authenticity and it was also a nice way to differentiate the characters, showing that unlike Sherlock, Holmes has a certain social appreciation for his clothing choice ('tweed in a morgue?!').

For fans of classic Holmes it is great to see small details such as the horse-drawn hansom cabs which once again become Holmes and Watson's transport of choice. The chance to use outside locations to film on (such as Tyntesfield House, which plays the home of the Carmichaels) adds an aura of authenticity to the whole production akin to the 1980s/90s series starring Jeremy Brett.

Episodes of Sherlock up until now have always looked good, but perhaps never this classy.


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